Monday, June 6, 2011

New Couch!

KIVIK Divano letto con poggiapiedi grigio chiaro Larghezza: 245 cm Profondità minima: 95 cm Profondità massima: 165 cm Altezza: 83 cm Profondità minima sedile: 60 cm Profondità massima sedile: 130 cm Altezza sedile: 45 cm Larghezza letto: 200 cm Lunghezza letto: 143 cm
We ordered a new couch for our apartment.  I am super excited.  It's a sleeper sofa...who's going to be the first guest to come sleep on it?!

This reminds me that I have not taken any pictures of our apartment.  Once the new couch gets here (and I clean the apartment) I will have to do a little home tour for you all.  

1 comment:

  1. I call dibs!!! Nobody else can sleep on it until I get to break it in. Oh, by the way, Zach and I have plans to make it back to Rome sometime before our 25th wedding anniversary so can you stay there until then? Our 5th is next week, but you never know, he could surprise me... but probably not. Still I don't want anyone else to go because I would be jealous. Can't wait for the apartment tour!!!