Sunday, January 8, 2012

Apartment tour!

I have returned.  And as promised here is a little tour of our apartment.  Since my in-laws were coming for Christmas the apartment got a good cleaning and was therefore picture worthy.

We live in the two bedroom apartment over the Mensa.  It is fantastic, especialy bc the students are not allowed up on our terrace.  The terrace is huge by the way and has views of Castel Gandolfo, Rome, and on a clear day the ocean.
Here is our view towards the Villa and Castel Gandolfo.

Our front door.  (The laundry adds a little human interest to the shot.)

The main room of the apartment is our living room/dining room/kitchen.  This is where the magic happens, and by that I mostly mean happy hours.

The living room.

Our new couch.

The kitchen.

Off the main room there is a tiny hallway that leads to the bathroom on the right and the two bedrooms.  We had to put bookshelves in the hall for added storage.  I bought a bunch of Ikea boxes and they are filled with  everything from computer wires to canned goods.  Not very pretty but they do the job.  (And my mop, more human interest.)

This is our little bathroom.  You can see the reflection of the shower in the mirror.

A view of the master bedroom from the doorway.  It is very much like a cabin on a cruise ship.  Small.

Another picture of the master.

The guest room.  When the futon is open it takes up almost the entire room.

And that's it.  Our small but cozy apartment.  We love it.  Though we have been married for three years, living in Rome is the first time we have lived alone together as a married couple.  It is all very fun and exciting.  My only complaint is the walls.  The walls here are made out of what appears to be concrete and hanging pictures etc. is very difficult.  There were some pictures already up when we moved in which I need to change up but once a hole is made it is there to stay.  For example...
So my problem now is how to decorate the walls the way I would like while covering up the holes left by the old art.  Great problems, I know.  Any suggestions are welcome.


  1. jealous. jealous. jealous!!!!!

  2. Ellen, it is so beautiful! So I can come visit whenever, right?