Saturday, October 22, 2011

A new semester, new students, & new RA's

I can't believe the semester is already half over!

Things have gone really well so far.  And with 3 new RA's and 110 students that's saying something. 

I do really miss Jon, Mary, and Hannah though.  Living and working with someone for a year in Rome can go one of two ways; you either come out really liking each other or, well, not.  Luckily for us we all clicked really well and the result was an awesome year of work, fun, and friendship.

Jon, Mary, and Hannah; I wish you all the best in your current endeavors.  Know that you are greatly missed here in Rome.

Here are some highlights of our time together... (I tried to get them in chronological order and failed.  Sorry.)

Ryan's homemade limoncello.
Gyros in Delphi.
Med kits!
On our way to a wine tasting in Tuscany.  Poor Jon.
The infamous Tex poster in the back of the raper van
with the presidential mattress.
Beer pong at the forno over 10 day.  (Don't tell the students.)
Burgers and beer at Open Baladin.
Mary was on her second burger here, haha!
Hannah freezing her bum off at the Geek Olympics.
Oh, the night we put the lamb's head in Hannah's bed:)
Enjoying Old Bridge with Hannah right after she arrived in Rome.
Fire Safety training...this was after Jon almost
burned down campus:)
More Fire Safety...this was after Ryan wrecked the car.
Jon with a fruity drink...standard.
Croquet & mint julips.
Note: Never play croquet with Jon Polce.
He will repeatedly send your ball  into the vineyard.

"Ever been on a boat before?"

Towards the end of the spring semester we really got into playing Scategories.  So much so that there were penalties imposed on the losers of the round.  In this case, having to eat tablespoons of Tabasco.

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