Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Playing Catch Up...Summer 2011

Alright, time for me to catch you all up on what has been happening here in Roma.

The summer was busy but fantastic.  It was FULL of visitors which we loved!  Here is a quick run through.

First my Grandpa came to visit us for a week.  We toured around Rome, saw the Pope, celebrated Ryan's bday, and enjoyed the beautiful Castelli.  Grandpa has a very old and dear friend who lives in Via Reggio, Italy so he was able to go and spend a week with him.  All in all it was a wonderful visit and we were really happy that Grandpa could make it.

After Grandpa left the UD Trustees showed up.  There was lots of work involved but also lots of good food at some of Rome's best restaurants.

Ryan's Uncle Mark, Aunt Karen, and cousin Lauren were the next to visit.  Ryan led us all on a death march tour of the city.  I think we literally walked from Trastevere to the Villa Borghese and back.  But we managed to soothe our sore feet with plenty of good wine and good food.  (Notice a trend here?  Basically we just eat and drink our faces off.)

Next came the newlyweds, Carrie and Cory AND Shane and Gena.  Both couples stopped through Rome on their honeymoons and paid us a visit.  LOTS OF FUN!

My mom, dad, and brother Danny arrived just two days later.  They stayed with us for two weeks and we got a four day trip to Tuscany in.  It was awesome to see my family, travel around Italy with them, and have them see the Rome campus for the first time.

The summer wrapped up with visit from Teddy & Caitlyn!

There is definitely no rest for the weary, but we were delighted to have so many visitors.  We even managed to go see the Beach Volleyball World Championships and fit in a 4th of July party for our Italian friends.  (Did I mention hanging out with Joe Montana while in line for St. Peter's?)

Misty May & Kerri Walsh

Joe Montana

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